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Use gaxsys to distribute the orders from your online shop system out to brick-and-mortar stores.

The company – gaxsys

Global product exchange – the ultimate goal of worldwide logistics. When we founded gaxsys GmbH in 2008, we knew that the traditional distribution channels used in the mail order industry would not be adequate over the long term. E-commerce and the demands it was placing on the logistics system were simply growing too fast. We could also see that this rapid growth would confront brands and manufacturers with a dilemma: Either they would be left behind in the digital transformation, or they would themselves start selling online and thereby undermine their partners in traditional brick-and-mortar stores.

With our roots in logistics and a dedicated team of software specialists, project managers and creative out-of-the-box thinkers, we have been working steadily in recent years toward a solution that will link together all the players in the commercial arena: the smooth integration of local brick-and-mortar businesses in the online commerce orders fulfilment process.

We are located in Karlsruhe in Baden on the far west side of Germany and are convinced that the logistics challenges that will arise in coming years can only be met if businesses utilize the existing infrastructure in the most clever way possible. If they do, then even new goals, like Same-Day Delivery or online sales of regional products, can be achieved in an economical and environmentally sound manner.

Are you a manufacturer, franchiser, portal operator or retailer? If so, let’s hear from you! We’d be happy to get together with you to describe what is possible with the gax-System, with no obligations on your part.

Management directors

Mathias Thomas

Management director


Mathias Thomas, Managing Director, is responsible for the strategic direction and operational management of gaxsys GmbH. Mathias Thomas has many years of experience in logistics, e-commerce and in the development of future technologies.

Simon Thomas

Management director


Simon Thomas, Managing Director, is responsible for the strategic direction and the IT management of gaxsys GmbH. As a computer scientist, Simon Thomas has many years of experience in IT logistics and in the development of sustainable business models.

Philipp Kannenberg



Philipp Kannenberg, Member of the Management, is responsible for the area of key account management and internationalisation. Philipp Kannenberg takes care of brands during the PoS integration into online shops.

Expert opinions – What the industry says about gaxsys

  • Many brand manufacturers with strong franchise or wholesale distribution forego their own online shop, in order to avoid jeopardising their existing distribution structures. However, all current market indicators show that by 2020 traditional wholesale sales will have halved compared to 2000. Multichannel is, therefore, a 'must have' for qualitative growth. Since 2006, turnover in brick and mortar retail has only grown by 3%. During this time, internet trade has increased by 182%. Online trade in Germany now generates a total turnover of 27.6 billion euros. Therefore, it is the right time to provide an e-commerce solution, which allows brand manufacturers and retailers alike to benefit from the booming internet trade. The gax-System fulfils these requirements and intelligently routes internet orders to local retailers. A win-win situation for brands, retailers and customers. For us, as a full-service e-commerce service provider, it was clear that we should integrate the gax-System into our holistic e-commerce approach."
  • "I am inspired by innovative ideas which have the potential for long-term success. For me, the gax-System, with all its possibilities, has this potential because it quickly becomes profitable due to its ease of implementation and, ultimately, all parties benefit from using it. For me, the professional collaboration with gaxsys GmbH is an indication that they have done their homework and that this idea has turned into a real solution which is very much in keeping with the spirit of our time."
  • "There are always ideas and products which one is annoyed not to have had themselves. The service from gaxsys is definitely in this category. Years of logistics experience went into this product, which impressively demonstrates how easy it is to incorporate e-commerce in seemingly incompatible markets. And all that, without having to ditch existing trade structures. It is one of the most exciting approaches to order management that I have seen in a long time."
    Peer Schmid, Presales Consultant
    Intershop Communications AG
  • "Brand manufacturers no longer have the option of not offering their product range online – with gaxsys, the obstacles of "integrating the retail network" and "establishing end customer relationships" can be intelligently dealt with and all this with central control of the online brand management and professional integration of the retail partner."
  • "We constantly meet manufacturers who do not dare to sell to retail partners via their own online shop. With the gax-System, we finally have a solution which allows us to implement e-business projects with companies like this."
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