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In the course of digitisation, particularly in relation to e-commerce, (offline) specialist retailers have already had to listen to many well-intentioned suggestions that have caused more confusion than orientation. However, the key question in digital change, digital transformation, e-commerce and retail in general remains the same as ever: how can I increase my sales?

This is where gaxsys comes into play, together with all brands, manufacturers and platforms, for whom it is a strategic decision to let the offline specialist retailers participate in their own online business and support them rather than bleed them white. Thus our cooperation partners list up to 10,000 orders a day in the gax article exchange which are just waiting to be fulfilled by local retailers and are reflected in a significant increase in turnover. To gax means accepting an order, shipping the article and increasing your revenue through this additional sale.

Fachhaendlerin bei gaxen der Online-Auftraege von gaxsys
haendlering beim verpacken gegaxter auftraege von gaxsys

Everyone can gax

Whether you’re a retailer with just an internet connection and a printer, or you already sell your goods through multiple channels using specialized software solutions such as Globalsys, plentymarkets or DreamRobot, anyone who decides to share in the online business of others and earn additional profits can gax. It’s the easiest way to do business online and offers enormous benefits for every retailer:

  • All orders in the exchange are already ordered and paid for.
  • There is neither a basic fee nor monthly running costs or memberships.
  • Gaxing is voluntary – there are no obligations; orders are accepted whenever you want and can.
  • No content maintenance – you don’t have to worry about product description or imaging, all this time and effort is eliminated as this has already been done by the vendors.
  • The connection to the gax system is completed with just a few clicks.
  • Complex assortment integration is not necessary.
  • The system is constantly being further developed, so your suggestions also flow into it.
  • Through intensive exchange with all our partners, new cooperations and opportunities arise, which are often explicitly initiated by retailers.
  • All accounting relevant documents created through gaxing are fully tax compliant and can be used without further processing for correct accounting – thus saving you unnecessary additional work.

Start to gax and become a profiteer of e-commerce – the next click is the first step.

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