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Support local retailers, optimize logistics – Integrate retailers into your e-commerce distribution process

As a manufacturer of brand-name products, you are faced with a recurring conflict: If you sell your products online, you end up cannibalizing your local dealers – the same business partners that helped you to grow through the years. This is where the gax-System comes in: We integrate local dealers into the added-value chain of your online shop!
Perhaps you already have a webshop for your own brands, or you are thinking about opening one? Great! The gax-System interfaces with your solution without being visible to consumers. Your customer places orders in the usual manner in your online shop and receives the merchandise a short time later by mail. The difference: You don’t the order from your distribution centre, but rather send the order to a dealer who is part of the gax-System, who has the merchandise in stock and is located in the immediate vicinity of the customer. This dealer fulfils the order and then is the contact point for any returns and exchange transactions. The invoice comes from you as the brand manufacturer in the normal manner. Settlement between you and the dealer is handled by the gax-System.


Success story: Brands and manufacturers

Over hill and dale – outdoor products specialist LEKI blazes new trails in order fulfilment

With the gax-System, LEKI now has a sophisticated order management system that allows it to pass orders received in the LEKI webshop directly on to its authorized dealers. Orders from consumers are forwarded to a virtual product exchange that is accessible to participating local retailers. If a dealer has the ordered product in stock, it issues a binding confirmation that it will take over the order and then dispatches the product.

Your advantages in brief:

  • You retain control of your product pricing.
  • You utilize the local retailer as a decentralized storage location located in the immediate vicinity of your customers -> Same-Day Delivery and Click and Collect become economically feasible.
  • You can expand the number of dealers that are connected to the system at will.
  • Independent retailers can also be integrated.
  • The gax-System is integrated into your current or future webshop.
  • We process all of your order management activities.
  • You decide how many orders you wish to offer to outside retailers.
  • The gax-System operates regardless of whether the retailers have the merchandise in stock.
  • You increase the availability of your brand products in the marketplace.
  • You generate a noticeable increase in the number of orders obtained by the merchants affiliated with you in the gax-System.
  • You broaden the range of your products that are available in the retail trade.
  • Now your online shop no longer competes with your local retailers, but rather gives them the opportunity to sell merchandise utilizing the Internet. It’s fair while still being advantageous for you.

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