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The gax-System for your online shop: Orders fulfilment via brick-and-mortar stores

Integrating retailers: Everybody's talking about it

There are many names for what we do: distributed order management, e-commerce multi-channel, omni-channel, no-line commerce, retailer or dealer integration, POS integration, ship-from-store. At first, these terms seem like an alphabet soup of marketing terminology, but on closer look they offer many answers to the current challenges facing the mail order industry. All have two things in common: First, they integrate local retailers in the e-commerce distribution process. Second, they can be implemented via our gax-System. For nearly 10 years we have been working to explore and integrate these worlds.


How the gax system works

With the gax-Solution, products can be sold directly by any existing or future webshop. What’s special about gax? When the customer orders online, the gax product exchange offers the order for fulfilment to the nearest points of sale (POS), such as retailers, franchisees or local stores that are part of a chain. These trading partners have already been authorized by the webshop operator and can therefore participate in the system.

The first POS that has the desired item in stock accepts the order proactively and then delivers the products to the customer. If desired, this process can be carried out using delivery service providers who are participating in the system.

Customers are not aware of these details if the webshop operator requests that they not be informed about them. The customers receive their packages as usual with the invoice from the webshop operator. Only the sender’s address and the return address would indicate that the retailer was local. Of course it is a good idea to actively draw attention to the various regional, economical and environmental advantages and to use these advantages as a marketing instrument.

If the nearest POS does not respond within a specified time, the search radius of the queried points of sale is gradually increased. If no POS responds, the order goes to the webshop operator itself, thus guaranteeing that no order is left unfulfilled.

In this way the gax-System allows local retailers to be integrated as decentralized storage locations, and it ensures that delivery is by the shortest possible route.


Orders management

Order management, including billing, is handled by the gax-System. gaxsys compares the data and provides it in the desired form to the webshop operator and to the POS.
The settlement of accounts between the webshop operator and the POS is handled by means of a crediting system. Since the articles are dispatched by the POS, but the invoice is generated by the webshop operator, the POS receives a credit for the sold item directly from the webshop operator.

Interfaces to all of the standard payment providers, transport service providers, and webshop systems make it possible to handle all of the order management process via gaxsys. The webshop operator can choose whether it wishes to handle a portion or all of its orders via POS integration.

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