Strengthen your franchisees – Operate a centralized webshop and simultaneously support your franchisees.

Suppose you offer companies the opportunity to sell your brand as franchisees? If so, then you probably have the challenge of presenting all of the franchisees on your corporate webpage, and possibly even maintaining shops for the individual companies.

Using the gax-System, you can supply orders to your franchisees via your centralized webshop without having to sell through separate store-operator webshops. If a customer places an order in your webshop, you can pass this order on for fulfilment to your local franchise partners – either systematically to specific partners or via the product exchange used by the retailers who are integrated into the system. If one of your franchisees has the desired product in stock, he proactively confirms this and makes a binding commitment to accept the order from the product exchange, and then sends the product to the customer. Both a local relationship to the customer as well as the franchisee’s authorized territories can be taken into account in distributing orders.


Success story: Franchisors

From luggage to international business – PICARD-Lederwaren strengthens its roots

Using the gax system, PICARD balances international online trade and support for its local retailers, both in varied multi-brand stores in pedestrian shopping zones and among franchisees who present PICARD at tourist hotspots. If an order is received in PICARD’s global online shop, in most cases it is not fulfilled by PICARD itself, but rather it is forwarded via the gax order processing system to participating local merchants.

Your advantages in brief:

  • It’s a single solution that covers all of your partners.
  • All franchisees can be included, even if they offer different product ranges.
  • The gax-System is integrated into your current or future webshop.
  • We process all of your order management activities.
  • You communicate with the consumer from a centralized location but deliver from decentralized locations.
  • Everything has and continues to have your firm’s familiar look and feel.
  • You expand your storage space to include the companies in the exchange, and storage can occur “around the corner” from customers.
  • Franchisee’s authorized territories can be taken into account in the distribution of orders.
  • The costs of the gax-System can be shifted to franchisees who participate in the system.

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Mile Hodak

Sales Manager


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