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As a specialist retailer, you benefit through additional orders and sales.

Get access to over 10,000 orders from online retailers – every day! And create a new profit center with gaxsys – fast, simple, effortless and efficient.

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Every day, over 10,000 orders are offered to our specialist dealers.

Scale your business

Increase your turnover with the gax system

Customer behavior in retail has already changed and will continue to do so, for personal reasons or also due to external influences. This need not be a disadvantage for stationary retail – quite the opposite.

E-commerce offers stationary retailers many sales channels that increase their sales enormously. The most convenient, simplest and at the same time most profitable is the B2B marketplace from gaxsys. Here, merchants earn through goods that are already in their inventory and have already been ordered and paid for in an online store. Through gaxsys, merchants get access to these orders, which they only have to process, i.e. ship. All this without any constraint – entrepreneurial freedom is always preserved.


The gax system can really be operated by anyone

Whether you’re a retailer with just an Internet connection and a printer, or you already sell your goods through multiple channels using specialized software solutions such as Globalsys, plentymarkets, or DreamRobot, gaxing is available to anyone who chooses to earn a share of others’ online business and generate additional profits. It’s the easiest way to do online commerce and offers immense advantages that benefit every specialty retailer.

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The advantages for you are obvious

There is no basic fee and no ongoing monthly costs or memberships to make additional sales via gaxsys. All orders in the B2B marketplace are already ordered and paid for, whether orders are accepted or not is decided solely by the trader. And becoming and being a gax trader is:

  • Simple – the connection to the gax system is completed with just a few clicks.
  • Effortless – all the work and time required for content maintenance, for example, is eliminated
  • Risk-free – no gaxsys trader makes a loss
  • Secure – all accounting-relevant documents created by gaxing are fully tax-compliant and can be used for correct accounting without further processing, saving unnecessary extra work.

Traders do not enter into any obligation by registering on the marketplace, which means: gaxsys can simply be tried out! The way to increase your sales via gaxsys starts here.

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