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You see the fees and your income every time you place an order. It is always your decision.

One thing right from the start – our B2B marketplace is something very special. Since the beginning in 2008, we have been bringing online and brick-and-mortar retailers together so that they can benefit from each other.

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Around 10,000 ordered and already paid orders are waiting every day in our B2B marketplace to be fulfilled by traders. As a specialist retailer with one or more shops or a warehouse, you can send these items from your stock and significantly increase your turnover – that’s what we call “gaxing”.

All you need is an internet connection and a printer!

Over 10,000 orders daily

Far more than 800 brands

The brands, manufacturers and platforms we work with are constantly placing orders that you as a (bricks-and-mortar) retailer can process and thereby generate additional revenue with the least amount of effort. Our partner Zalando explains vividly here why Gaxen makes so much sense.

Here you can take a look at all the brands whose items are offered in the B2B marketplace. If you miss one or the other brand that you would like to sell more of, just let us know. We’ll take care of it!

A try costs nothing

More turnover with the least effort - Gaxen always works

No matter which channels, platforms, marketplaces and programmes (such as Connected Retail) you use, our B2B marketplace will always offer you extra sales and orders that are not available anywhere else.

By registering, you do not enter into any obligations and there are no costs for you. There are also generally no flat-rate costs or fees that would reduce your turnover – no gax trader makes a loss! You can try out the gaxsys B2B marketplace at your leisure, we will explain in detail how everything works.

Don’t hesitate and simply contact us via the registration form or by phone. We will be happy to help you and welcome any trader who wants to start gaxing and profit from online business.

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We reduce your effort

Interfaces for more convenience and automation

We have numerous interfaces to other ERP systems, merchandise management systems and order management systems, such as the software solutions from Plentymarkets, Globalsys, DreamRobot or Qualibet from ANWR. This increases your convenience and makes gaxing even easier, as you do not have to change your usual process flows, but handle everything the way you are used to. This also increases your own level of automation with regard to gaxing in the exchange. Either way – gaxing is a piece of cake.

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