Integrate the POS into the order processing of your online trade.

Optimise value creation and logistics, increase brand presence and cooperate with stationary retailers – all this by means of retailer integration through gaxsys.

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Interfaces & Business Partners

Cooperation beats isolation

Our e-commerce B2B marketplace integrates local merchants into the order processing of online stores.

As a brand manufacturer, you are faced with a recurring conflict: if you sell your goods online, you are simultaneously cannibalising your local retailers – the business partners who have made you great over the years. This is just as true for any marketplace or platform provider – a disappearance of brands on the surface also removes them from the analogue lifeworlds of potential customers.

The solution to this conflict is called retailer integration. The dealer integration of gaxsys, i.e. the B2B marketplace and the entire gax system, is the only solution on the market that has been tried and tested over years, offers a multitude of possibilities and is quickly operational and easy to use for all parties involved.

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Logistics excellence

Clear processes - Efficient value creation

Using gaxsys, you do not deliver selected orders from your distribution centre, but pass the corresponding order on to an affiliated dealer who already has the goods in stock. This dealer has been authorised by you to do this by agreeing to its registration in the B2B marketplace and cooperation with your online shop. The order itself can be fulfilled by any authorised dealer or you assign it directly. Or you can use the option of distance-based order allocation to ensure the shortest possible delivery route and save CO2. Other options such as same-day delivery or click-and-collect can be implemented just as easily.

If the order is fulfilled by a retailer, i.e. if the retailer handles the order, then the retailer also takes over any return costs and returns handling. As usual, the invoice is issued by you as the brand, while the settlement between you and the retailer is handled via the gax system.

The B2B Marketplace

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Digital transformation

Advantages for the brand and the online shop

Such a retailer integration is a strategic, comprehensive decision and offers numerous advantages for the sustainable and crisis-proof success of every brand. In this way, you use the local retailer as a decentralised warehouse location with the extended possibilities of same-day delivery and click-and-collect. The number of connected retailers can be expanded as desired and independent retailers can be integrated. While the gax system carries out the complete order management, you still benefit in particular from the following aspects of dealer integration:

  • Shipping costs are borne by the stationary retailer
  • Returns costs and handling are also borne by the retailer
  • You retain control of the product range and prices
  • Higher order volume in the stationary trade

Product availability

Increase the product availability of your brand

In addition, you increase the product availability of your brand and increase the assortment depth of your products in the trade. And of course you decide how many orders and which articles you offer to the trade.
As a result, your online shop is no longer a competitor to local trade, but a fair opportunity for retailers to sell their inventory goods on the internet – and this is entirely in your interest, to the benefit of the brand.

If you do not yet have an online shop or are thinking about a relaunch, we will also be happy to advise you and offer you a comprehensive service from conception to implementation – everything from a single source, from the initial idea to the finished online shop. And if you would like more information without obligation, then don’t hesitate to contact us:

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