Trade associations

Stronger by working together – Your local retailers cooperate in cross-channel trade

Coordinating a cooperative association of retailers means that you must allow all of the members of the association to participate as equally as possible. If you are managing a central online shop for such a retailers’ cooperative, it is often difficult to treat the companies uniformly.

With the gax-System, you can let the members of the association decide for themselves whether or not they want to fulfil an order. If a customer order is received in your centralized webshop, you pass the order on to our product exchange, so that all of the participating retailers have access to it. Any retailer who has the desired product in stock can accept and fulfil the order. In this way the association members can engage in e-commerce without having to administer their own webshops. You can also use your centralized online presence to establish a brand for your association and attract new association members.


Success story: Cooperative associations

Running at RUN1ST – running equipment pros achieve success with e-commerce

RUN1ST is a centralized webshop for all retailers participating in the exchange. So it is not necessary for each of the 50 retailers to operate its own webshop in order to be visible in the Internet. Everything goes through a single website. Marketing, Web design, order development, payment – everything is administered centrally and only generates costs a single time. Thanks to a sophisticated order management system, the retailer can concentrate on its core business – selling in the store and providing advice – but still participate in sales generated by the webshop.

Your advantages in brief:

  • You and your association members cut organizational and financial costs because you only need to acquire and maintain one centralized webshop.
  • The members of your association gain visibility without needing to have their own websites.
  • The gax-System is integrated into your current or future webshop.
  • We process all of your order management activities.
  • It becomes easier to build up a brand because there is only one contact point: attention can be focussed on one centralized URL.
  • The customer gets the products faster because of the Click and Collect option, and in the process the individual retailer has the opportunity to make additional sales.
  • The customer has a competent nearby contact who can also provide additional services.
  • The customer buys at a contact point that he trusts, but receives products from decentralized locations.
  • “Showrooming” at the point-of-sale can be prevented by using retailer codes.
  • The retailers’ cooperative association increases the quality of the portal.

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