Chain store networks

Delegate systematically – Integrate your chain stores into your distribution network's no-line commerce

As an operator of a chain of local stores, you are faced with the challenge of optimizing the capacity of your local stores. Since local stores in chains do not generally operate their own webshops, the obvious thing is to use your corporate website as a specialized webshop. But how can orders be distributed to local stores in the advantageous way possible?

The gax-System gives you the opportunity to pass orders from your webshop onto your local stores – the very people who have local ties to your customers. When an order is received, it is forwarded to the product exchange for your local points of sale. If one of the stores has the item in stock, they can accept and complete the order. The invoice originates with your company. If you wish, the order can be forwarded with a local link to the customer or to a preferred local store. You decide which orders go to which stores in the chain.


Your advantages in brief:

  • You increase your profitability per floor space by achieving a higher sales volume in your local stores.
  • The load on your logistics processes is reduced because you are using your local stores as decentralized storage locations.
  • Same-Day Delivery and Click and Collect become economically feasible.
  • You can reduce regional overstocking systematically by coordinating orders accordingly or by giving priority to specific local stores.
  • You can assign orders directly to individual retailers.
  • The gax-System is integrated into your current or future webshop.
  • We process all of your order management activities.
  • You offer a higher level of service to the consumer, who now has a local contact person in the event of questions or problems.
  • You utilize the proximity to the consumer to make fulfilment economical and environmentally sound.
  • You can use the data from your online business to monitor the overall effectiveness of your local stores.
  • We can also utilize the expertise offered by our parent company, Dr. Thomas + Partner (, to assist you in optimizing your branch store logistics.

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